Kim Keiser


  • Born and raised in rush city, Minnesota.
  • Attended Rush City public school and graduated in 1955.
  • Worked several jobs to save my money so I could attend the University Of Minnesota – Duluth, where I earned a degree in business and economics.

Work History

After graduating college I worked for Northrup King & Co. in a financial/supervisory role.  I was with Honeywell Aerospace on the Apollo program (navigation and control), field engineering department, and financial liaison for quality assurance.

I wanted a change of industries and started an interview process with Chun King, the Chinese food company,  at the same time they were negotiating with RJR.

Coming to RJR

My interview was placed on hold and resumed in New York City with RJR Foods. I was hired as a financial analyst and enjoyed the work, but the one hour commute each way was a killer.

Memorable Events at RJR

My career at RJR was extremely varied.   It ranged from financial analysis, acquisition analysis, strategic planning, and responsibility for the purchasing function. I had the opportunity,  in all those functions, to work with some very qualified and interesting people. I wouldn’t trade those opportunities for anything. RJR, without a doubt, was the best company that I had ever been associated with,in how they dealt with their employees and suppliers.

After RJR

With the assistance of our sons, we started a records management company(North State Records Management) . We also started a document shredding company(Info-Shred) which grew into a very successful company and was purchased by a Fortune 500 company.   We also dabbled in real estate but that has been trimmed down,

Contact Information

355 Orchard Park Drive

Advance, NC 27006


Kim Keiser and I met when I transferred into the Business Planning group in 1974. As he mentions, he came from Minnesota to RJR in Winston-Salem via New York and RJR Foods.  His guidance was helpful with background on the early days of RJR Foods.

Kim is one of many “northern transplants” who surely never expected to put down roots in the South, and certainly never thought of a career in a tobacco company.  He had a very successful career, ending his time at RJR as head of the Purchasing group.

He briefly mentions his two startups with his family after RJR; they were quite successful.  He and his wife live in retirement near Winston-Salem.  GAH