Joe Gangloff


  • Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida
  • Only son of a career Naval Chief Petty Officer (WWI and WWII)
  • Attended The University of Tulsa, Pensacola State College and graduated from Florida State University.

Work History

  • Vetter & Powers CPA’s-Tulsa OK,
  • Internal Auditor for Gulf Power Company(Southern Company)- Pensacola FL
  • Member of General Electric Company’s Financial Management Program
    • Defense Electronics Division/Ordnance Department- Pittsfield , MA

Coming to RJR

Joined RJR in July 1968  for two reasons. I wanted to return south and the career path in Finance for G.E. was not as described when I was initially recruited.

Employed by Reynolds for approximately 23 years. Started as a cost accountant (later manager)for RJR Foods; Manager cost accounting for Seal Land Services; corporate budget manager RJRI, Director Strategic Planning RJRI; Assistant Controller, Controller, VP and later Sr. VP Finance/CFO for RJRT.

Memorable Events at RJR

My favorite boss while at RJR was Dolph Von Arx due to his business experience, knowledge, management style, interpersonal skills, and our mutual interest in flying.  I especially enjoyed working with and developing members of my staff including, but not limited to, my “go to” men” such as Bob Coil and Floyd O’Quinn. I enjoyed coming up with new concepts for RJRT such as putting financial personnel in Regional Sales Offices and initiating programs for early payment discounts and later on, Electronic Funds Payment programs for our distributors.  At Sea Land, putting discipline into the financial systems we inherited in the move from NJ and then establishing new financial programs was not only necessary and challenging but quite rewarding.

Leaving RJR

Left RJRT in 1991 and formally retired in 1994. Company exercised my employment contract signed during the failed LBO attempt by RJRI management.

CFO for Marithe and Francois Girbaud and later Healthtex both divisions for VF Corporation(1992-1997).

Started Pet Therapy program at Wake Forest Baptist Health in 1995. Board member of Florida State University’s Alumni Association, Foundation and College of Business.

I met Joe Gangloff when I went to the Business Planning group in 1974.  He was one of the team who acted as liaison between the parent RJR Industries and the operating companies, working with Sea-Land. Joe went on to a senior position in RJR Tobacco before he retired and then worked in the textile industry.

Joe provided valuable information for this book on the interaction between senior RJR management, especially in the years preceding the LBO.

Joe and his wife Anne divide their time between their home in Greensboro and the South Carolina coast.   GAH